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Playlist, May 24, 2012

24 May

I’ve got only two weeks left on the Buzz, after which you will all be left in the capable hands of some other host. It’s been cool.

This week on the show we’ve got a phoner with Apocolyptica. I don’t know what that is, but  there are some whispers around the studio that there may be a prize giveaway to follow. Ssh, don’t tell anyone, okay Internet?

Also we’ll be visiting with Shauna from the Children’s Festival. Should be whimsical.

No write-ups! Do your own god damn research.

The Playlist

The Tallest Man on Earth –  “1904”     [via chromewaves]

The Wilderness of Manitoba – “Hermit”     [via Herohill]

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Playlist, May 17, 2012

17 May

I’ve got very little planned for today’s show, so we’ll all be getting some surprises, but I do have a tight group of great new songs for everyone to enjoy. Also, two guests, talking about stuff. Uganda and a group called Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folks will be on the menu.

Full playlist after the jump.

The Playlist

Jeans Boots – “money”       [via Bandcamp]


Catle River – “mind time”     [via Bandcamp]

CFCR Showcase at Sled Island will feature these boys as well as some other Saskatoon notables.

Mark Davis – “Eliminate the Toxins”     [via Herohill]

If the guys from Herohill are to be trusted at all (which, considering the sheer volume of music I get from them to fill the show, they damn well better be) then Mark Davis has a shot at the Polaris Prize this year.

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Playlist, May 3, 2012

3 May

This week I have two guests. The first is from the Anarchist Book Fair which is happening May 5th at Grace Westminster Church. The second is a fellow from Jazz Fest. Will we be naming some of the people who are coming? I’ll never tell.

The Playlist

Long Distance Runners – “Election Day”      [via Herohill]

A nice tune by Newfie band Long Distance Runners. That rock in the Atlantic gets overlooked too often, and it’s sometimes hard to find good acts from the island, but these guys make quality music that does not disappoint.

Marie-Pierre Arthur – “Fil de Soie”      [via Herohill]

This is one of the few times that I’m going to disagree with the review on Herohill. Not in content, but in sentiment, the Ack and I differ in our feelings about this song. He, a lyrics guy, feels that the songs conveys a lot despite the language barrier that keeps him from understanding a good deal of it; myself, a guy who would rather not understand what a singer is saying, so long as they sing it well.

Arthur’s voice is so rich and mature that it conveys everything you need, no matter how familiar you are with the language.

Mo Kenney – “The Great Escape”      [via Herohill]

Joel Plaskett’s label, New Scotland Records, has finally completed its collection of 45’s. This track, by Dartmouth artist Mo Kenney, is a fantastic bit of East Coast pop rock, which isn’t typical of Kenney’s style, but works amazingly well.

Kalle Mattson  “The Shore”      [website]

Mattson is getting a lot of play on the show lately. Maybe it’s because he’s amazing and I genuinely enjoy his music. Maybe it’s because he gave his Lives In Between EP away for free?

Mayer Hawthorne – “No Strings” [HypeMachine]

This track is related to some very exciting news that I will drop when our guest comes in for the 5:30 segment.

Raphael Saadiq – “Oh Girl ft. Jay-Z”

This track from Raphael Saadiq’s 2008 album The Way I See It is the perfect bridge between soul and hip-hop. Hova’s lyrics work so well with the down tempo drums and Saadiq’s melancholic vocals.

Check out my review of the album in last week’s From the Stacks.

Brian Dunn – “Country”      [via Herohill]

Brian Dunn is my favourite artist for quiet self-reflection (See: Relentless self-pity.) He has a knack for writing songs that actually have some impact on me on an emotional level.

He’s a wonderful songwriter and his voice — simple and honest, not flashy — allows the lyrics to shine through.

Also, check out the post on Herohill, it’s a new segment they’ve launched that will definitely yield some interesting results.

Dan Griffin – “Yulia (Wolf Parade cover)”       [via Herohill]

Dan Griffin, better known as one of the Arkells, released a delightful 5 song EP a while back, which you can get for free from his website.

This track is a delightful surprise to me, having only heard his work with the Arkells in the past. They play up tempo radio rock so well that it was a pleasant shock to realize that the man can also handle subtlety.

Two Sheds – “Let Her Dance (Bobby Fuller Four cover)”       [via iPickMyNose]

Remember Bobby Fuller? No? Remember that part in The Fantastic Mr. Fox where this song plays? Cool. Me neither. Anyway, Two Sheds — the band I know best for slipping $5 swear words into otherwise nice songs that I play on the radio — recorded this amazing cover. They’ve got a whole bunch of them on their soundcloud page.

Lykke Li – “Get Some”      [via iPickMyNose]

In just a few short years, Lykke Li has transformed from that lady that I think I like but can’t pronounce her name so I’ll probably just forget it, to that lady that I follow around the internet like a rabid dog. Maybe it’s because I learned how to say her name.

Whatever the reason, Lykke Li is a fantastic artist who is capable of bringing either insane, frantic energy or beautifull, heartbreaking sincerity to a track. “Get Some” is a fantastic example of the former.