Playlist, May 17, 2012

17 May

I’ve got very little planned for today’s show, so we’ll all be getting some surprises, but I do have a tight group of great new songs for everyone to enjoy. Also, two guests, talking about stuff. Uganda and a group called Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folks will be on the menu.

Full playlist after the jump.

The Playlist

Jeans Boots – “money”       [via Bandcamp]


Catle River – “mind time”     [via Bandcamp]

CFCR Showcase at Sled Island will feature these boys as well as some other Saskatoon notables.

Mark Davis – “Eliminate the Toxins”     [via Herohill]

If the guys from Herohill are to be trusted at all (which, considering the sheer volume of music I get from them to fill the show, they damn well better be) then Mark Davis has a shot at the Polaris Prize this year.

Thee Holy Ghosts – “Seen A Ghost”      [bandcamp: shortcode must include 'track', 'album', or 'video' param]

This Florida group makes distorted roc in the style of The Black Lips. It’s a quality listen and you can get the whole record for free at their Bandcamp page.

Rob Jo Star Band – “I Call On One’s Muse”      [via aqrmdrnkrd]

Freaky French post punk. Another great find from the fellow over at Aquarium Drunkard.

PS I Love You – “Princess Towers”      [website]

These dudes gave their new album away for free last week and, being one of the lucky recipients, I can say that it’s well worth a purchase after the fact. Fans will love it and people a little more on the fence will probably find the distorted guitars and muffled vocals less grating after a few listens.

JEFF the Brotherhood – “Six Pack”      [via Stereogum]

JEFF the Brotherhood, the Nashville thrashers, have teamed up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys for this new EP. Auerbach’s strength as a producer is in this exact kind of music so it should be a great collaboration. Can’t wait for the full album.

Here We Go MAgic – “How Do I Know?”      [via Said the Gramophone]

Good upbeat Canadian pop rock.

Stay Calm – Let Me Clear My Throat        [via Said the Gramophone]

A dreamy but driving tune from Portland’s Stay Calm. These guys have virtually no internet presence, wo you really have to wait until someone switches you onto the. Thanks Said the Gramophone!


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