From the Stacks: Poor Moon – Illusion EP

5 Apr

From the Stacks is a weekly feature where I grab something out of the library and go into it in more depth than I’m usually able to do. It doesn’t matter if the album is brand new or a re-release of some bygone classic, all that matters is that it be new to me.

I’ve decided to step up the blogging game around here, seeing as how I’ve got all this free time on my hands. Every week, I will be acquiring something out of the CFCR library and reviewing in depth. The only caveat is that it be new to me, whether it be a few years old, freshly released, familiar, insane, whatever, that’s not the point.

Poor Moon

Illusion EP


Subpop Records

This week my pick is the Illusion EP by Poor Moon. Poor Moon is a group made up of Christian Wargo of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls, Casey Wescott, also of Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls, and brothers Ian and Peter Murray better known as Christmas Cards.

The connection between Poor Moon and Fleet Foxes is inescapable. From the opening strains of the album to the harmonic echoes on “Widow” it’s got filthy Fleet Foxes fingerprints all over it. But the album doesn’t suffer for it. While they have glaring similarities, they also have some significant differences.

Poor Moon’s songs are a great deal less crowded than Fleet Foxes. The dense arrangements that fans of Fleet Foxes are familiar with are abandoned for simple effects and styles. The opener “Illusion” and the closer “Widow” centre around Wargo’s vocals with a simple guitar backing and some well placed effects. The similarities between the two tracks also create a feeling of completion. The two nicely bookend the album.

02. Illusion – Poor Moon

Of course Illusions doesn’t stray too far from this sound, speeding up slightly and getting a bit more complex by the third track “People In Her Mind,” but still maintaining that simplicity.

They picked their battles well, exhibiting their strengths and a little bit of diversity while still being mindful of the fact that it’s only an EP. Wisely, they kept away from wild changes that would have jarred the listener out of the album. It’s a well crafted example of what the band can do.

Poor Moon – People In Her Mind

A solid 4 butts out of a possible 5 butts.

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