Buzz, Thurs, April 5, 2012

5 Apr

Hey folks. We’ve got a show full of tunes by acts that will be visiting our fair city in the near future. Expect some quality tunes by the likes of Kathleen Edwards, Shane Koyczan and UK artist Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

In the 5:00 block of the show, we’ll be speaking with local bon vivant Rich Taylor, who’s going to let us all know some big news about the upcoming MoSo festival. Maybe some bands will be discussed, maybe not. We’ll see.

We’ll also be speaking with Montreal based songrwiter Charlotte Cornfield in the 5:30 block of the show. She’s just come off of a writer’s workshop in Nashville, a stint touring with the play Hadestown — in the role that was formerly occupied by Ani “Matthew doesn’t really like my music” Difranco — and is now touring her way back east. We’re going to have a bunch to talk about.

Playlist after the jump.

Dan Mangan and Shane Koyczan – “Tragic Turn of Events/Move Pen Move” [TheRuckus]

The song that I originally picked to represent Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long (playing April 12 at The Broadway Theatre ) turned out to far too sexy for drive time radio. So here is a lovely collaboration by Koyczan and Vancouver artist Dan Mangan. A tad long, but by the time it’s over, you’ll wish is was another 8 minutes long.

Whitehorse – “Killing Time is Murder” [faronheit]

Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, also known as Whitehorse, are fresh off of a move to New York, where they’ve established a record label of the same name. Last time I saw Doucet, he was missing his good lady wife and you could tell that he was lacking some energy. The two of them together are electric, and when they play the Broadway theatre on the 17th of April, it will be a show not to be missed.

John K. Samson – “When I Write My Masters Thesis” [itunes]

What can you say about John K. Samson? Nothing new. He’s the best so you should go see him at Amigos on the 14th.

Joel Plaskett – “When I Go” [chromewaves]

Plaskett is sold out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the man and his storied career. “When I Go” is a track off of Plasketts anthology Emergencies.

Kathleen Edwards – “Copied Keys”

Kathleen Edwards has come into her own. She’s recording with big names and finally booking the shows she deserves. “Copied Keys” is a track from her 2005 album Back To Me, and it’s easily one of the most touching love/breakup songs in my library. Show is sold out though, too bad.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – “Rebellion (Arcade Fire cover)” [FolkUK]

One of my favourite international songwriters, Leftwich hails from London, UK, and honestly, I never expected to see him in this city. He’s the kind of artist that you have to go to a festival to catch, but he’s coming to Amigo’s on the 24th, opening for the Jezabels. It’s going to be an amazing show.

Frank Turner – “District Sleeps Alone Tonight” [TheRuckus]

Cover song! Opening for Plaskett.

Said the Whale – “We Are 1980” [itunes]

Formerly my favourite band of all time, Said the Whale seems to have stuck more to the indie pop tracks of their earlier albums and abandoned the smooth singer-songwriter ones that I actually liked. Not the most popular decision around the Buzz headquarters, but they’re still better than a lot of the dreck out there. April 24th at the Broadway Theatre. This would be a decent consolation prize if Leftwich/The Jezebels sell out.


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