Buzz, Thurs, Mar 29, 2012

29 Mar

Hey folks.

This week on the show we’ll be talking to PEI artist Rose Cousins who is playing tonight at the Lydia’s Loft. Cousins’ music is very much akin to the songwriting of a Neko Case, or a Kathleen Edwards. A heavy focus on her powerful vocals and sharp lyrics make Cousins’ songs a very moving experience. Tickets are $15 at the door. Showtime is 8 pm.

In the second half of the show we will (hopefully) be talking to Winnipeg group Les Jupes. They’re playing tonight at Vangellis. Les Jupes make strong anthemic rock tunes, with the insistent vocals of Mike Petcau leading the arrangements. Songs like “Myth #3 (The Mountain)” bring to mind The National in the Alligator era.

Read on for the playlist:

The Playlist

Dent May – “Best Friends” [stereogum]

Formerly known as Dent May and His Magnificent Ukelele, This artist has expanded his repertoire significantly. Though his tight, adorable songs from  2007’s The Good Feeling Music of… were some of my favourites that year — not to mention being some of the finest low budget videos — this move into more complete, and certainly more complex arrangements works well for May.

Below is May’s Oh Paris! from his 2007 album. It will  be interesting to see what kind of album he can create when not imposing an instrument on himself.

I have too much to say about him to fit in this post. Expect a review when the album comes out.

Grimes – “Circumambient” [website]

The more I listen to Visions, the more fond I become of Montreal artist Grimes. She doesn’t fall prey to the self-indulgence or mindless repetition that plagues a lot of electronic music. Her tunes are peppy and upbeat, and they are also composed of many unique layers, making repeated listens a treat rather than a chore.

And the video for Oblivion is great.

St Lucia – “Before the Dive” [hypem]

Do not have time to research this fool. These special requests come at the cost of quality commentary, Victoria.

These Electric Lives – “Wicked Games (Chris Isaak cover)” [herohill]

I was initially disappointed late last year when MTL artist  Coeur de Pirate released a cover of the Weeknd’s “Wicked Games”  because I, like so many others, assumed that she was tackling the sweet, sweet beast that is the Chris Isaak classic of the same name. I was sad for about 25 seconds and then I realized that that song is great, so I got over it.

And as luck would have it, not 4 months later, Toronto outfit These Electric Lives would deliver. What starts as a faithful retread of the song eventually ends in the groups signature style of heavy electronic elements and thrashing guitar.

Olivier Jarda – “Piece of Fiction” [herohill]

Olivier Jarda has had a few years to work on himself. Since his last EP Ghost Fees came out, he’s grown as an artist, but maintained his course. His niche as a songwriter is as a singer songwriter with a formidable talent for matching composition and vocals seamlessly.

Zachary Lucky – “Back in the Fall” [herohill]

Saskatoon artist plays and writes well. That’s my one line pitch. If you need more, you can explore Fellow Buzz host Ishmael’s review of Lucky’s album Saskatchewan on

Cloud Control – “There’s Nothing in the Water”

If you created a pie chart of the good vs. bad bands with cloud in their name, the bad slice would be almost non-existent. Cloud Control is no exception. Their wailing lyrics and almost jam-like instrumentals are a real treat to listen to.

Hermetic – “Sunday Best” [herohill]

Canadian group makes fun music. I am running out of time . Here’s their bandcamp page where you can get their album for a meagre $8.


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