Buzz, Thurs Mar 15, 2012

15 Mar

Hey folks. Getting busier all the time around here. Schools winding up and the hunt for summer jobs begins, anyone? Little help?

Anyway, I still managed to put together a fine show for you. Complete with all manner of Canadian jams and some other fun shit. Enough of this.

The Playlist

Cam Penner – “Ghost Car” [herohill]

I’m not sure how much of “Ghost Car” ‘s complexity can be attributed to Penner and how much to Beardo who did the mix of this song, but even if the original were devoid of the electronic elements that close out the song, Penner’s guitar and light percussion create a layered sound for the song.


Leonard Cohen – “Darkness” [aqrmdrnkrd]

The man is back. Free of legal troubles (sort of) and fat with the proceeds of a sold-out world tour, Cohen released his first solo album since 2004’s Dear Heather at the end of January.

Old Ideas is classic Leonard Cohen, without the burden of him actually trying to sing. It seems like he’s embraced his role as poet-before-musician, and it’s a comfortable fit. Cohen’s lyrics could be read off a page, but it’s just so much more rewarding to hear them in his tired, gravelly moan.


Jeanette Stewart – “Prairie Skies”



Erin Passmore – “Downtown” [website]

Erin Passmore is one half of Regina’s Rah Rah and while they tend to skew a bit more toward the cute and the folky, she seems to have at least one rock bone in her body. Passmore recently took a trip to Montreal where she recorded this record, and it’s a formidable collection of songs. It’s hard to believe that this came from the same artist as “Duet For Emmylou and the Grievous Angel,” but I suppose surprises are everywhere.

It’s a great rock song which she’s currently giving away for free on her website. You can also order the album on her site.


Oh My Darling – “Roustabout” [live] [website]

This group of very lovely old time musicians from Winnipeg played a live set in the studio. They’ll be heading back through Saskatchewan in April on the last leg of their tour, but it’s in Regina. April 7th at Bluegrass Regina, if you’re in the neighbourhood.


Oh My Darling – “Fly Away” [live]


Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers – “Bone Soldiers” [herohill]

Baby Eagle is back with a strange new twist. With the Proud Mothers backing him you should expect a lot less banjo and good old country flavour than we’re all used to. What you’re getting now is a mix of distorted but precise instrumentation and Eagle’s crisp lyrics.

It’s a winning combination.


The Strumbellas – “The Sheriff” [herohill]

I’ve heard very little about these guys, but if they can keep releasing music that’s as fun and exciting as “The Sheriff,” I don’t think they’ll be able to hide from me.

They’ve drawn comparisons to the Avett Bros. which is apt, but these guys definitely have a heavier rock bent, with a bit less virtuoso guitar stylings.


Grimes – “Oblivion”

Montreal performer Grimes has cought some heat, mostly from MTL locals, who don’t appreciate her enough. Knowing nothing about the Montreal music scene, I’m free to simply appreciate her sugary sweet vocals and her amazing production. I haven’t been able to get a clear explanation as to why Montreal residents don’t care for Grimes, but I can safely say that it wouldn’t affect my opinion. She’s a treasure. And, as we can see from her video for “Oblivion,” she’s got a sense of humour. A great combination.


Kindness – “Swinging Party” [aqrmdrnkrd]

I very happily stumbled upon this Brit artist over at the Aquarium Drunkard today. “Swingin Party” is a cover of The Replacements’ tune, and it comes as a teaser for Kindess’ full length debut World, You Need A Change of Mind, which wil be out later this month. Get excited!


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