Chiddy Bang serves Breakfast

12 Mar

Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin, the brain trust behind Chiddy Bang. 

  Chiddy Bang – Breakfast


Chiddy Bang is one of the many groups that has profited from the rise of the Internet music community. It’s hard to believe that in a world before the ease of access provided by youtube, twitter, torrenting clients, etc. two young men from Philadelphia could have become international sensations before they had even released an album. These two have made the Internet work for them. By saturating the market with mixtapes, remixes and videos, they became a sensation before anyone had really even seen what they could do.

The difficult distinction is whether or not their early success is legitimate, or if they — like so many other contemporary artists — had simply built up undeserved hype for themselves only to completely Del Ray the whole thing.

Chiddy Bang did not Del Ray anything.

Their first full length studio album Breakfast is an improvement on their previous catalogue. It could have been very easy for them to falter, to lose some of the energy and intellect that made their previous releases such sensations — especially under the influence of their newly acquired major label masters. They’ve survived their transition into the physical.

Of course, this isn’t Chiddy Bang’s first release, and they’ve had almost three years of Internet spotlight and touring to help them perfect their sound. With all of these advantages, it’s not surprising that Breakfast is as well made as it is.

Songs like “Run It Back” have surprisingly complex arrangements where the vocals mesh seemlessly with the instrumentals, and Chiddy’s rhymes perfectly balance out the 8-bit soundboard that Xaphoom used to create the beats.

The group also kept their sense of humour. They haven’t forgotten that they started as a couple of goofy kids with a laptop and gone all hood on their lyrics. The video for “Ray Charles” is playful and entertaining, putting the duo into some familiar scenes from pop culture. And then of course there is “Baby Roulette.”

The bottom line is that Chiddy Bang has proven that they deserve the spotlight they’ve been given. Their time in the sun hasn’t been a symptom of their crafty marketing, or the patronage of a few influential voices. They’ve proven themselves artists of a high quality who can craft a brilliant piece of music.


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