Buzz, Thurs, Mar 8, 2012

8 Mar

Hey everybody, after noticing a sharp decline in page views, I’ve decided to not be so god damned lazy and actually post a playlist this week. You might even get some quality commentary on the music I picked, but more likely you will get my gut-reactions to music people have spent years perfecting. I don’t get paid for this.

It’s a big week around the old Buzz headquarters, we’re going to be talking to one of the organizers of this year’s ASSU Talent Show at Louis’ Pub (Fri. Mar 9.) We may also have a drop-in live performance by Vancouver band The Oh Wells!, who promise to be upbeat and charming. They’re playing Lydia’s tonight, so go check them out.

What else is new? I did school work this week. That’s a big deal for me.

Playlist after the jump.

The Playlist

Eric Chenaux – “Amazing Backgrounds” [herohill]

This Halifax based artist has a tremulous quality to his voice that makes his sound very unique. As the title of his album, Guitar & Voice, suggests, he’s not flashy. His music is stripped down and simplified. With only his guitar, vocals and some light organ for texture Chenaux manages to make a very sparse arrangement feel very full.


Perfume Genius – “Hood”

Perfume Genius sparked controversy a while ago when clips of the video for “Hood” were released to promote his new album.

The 15 second preview was removed by YouTube’s powers that be for “Promoting mature themes.” The problem? In the video, Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas is seen embracing gay porn star Arpad Miklos. Not doing anything sexual. Not kissing or even touching any of the no-no areas. Just being hugged.

The full video is below. I’ll let you judge for yourself if it is more damaging than the 5,000 minutes of 12-year-olds freak dancing that gets uploaded to YouTube every day.


Apollo Ghosts – “One Trick Pony (live Shotgun Jimmie cover)” [herohill]

A while back on the show we played a cover that Shotgun Jimmie had done of Apollo Ghosts’ “To A Friend That Has Been Through A War.” The song was intended to be released as part of Herohill’s year end top 10 project, wherein all of their favourite Canadian groups covered each other and released the songs in a package.

Jimmie was the only one who had time back then, but Apollo Ghosts have fired back by doing a punk-inspired version of Jimmie’s “One Trick Pony.” Jimmie’s original video (featuring BA Johnston!) below.


PS I Love You – Sentimental Dishes [herohill]

Kingston duo incapable of making bad music. Can’t wait for them to make it out here.


Lee Fields & The Expressions – “You’re the Kind of Girl” [aqrmdrnkrd]

New soul music is one of my many weaknesses. It falls somewhere between girl punk and Japanese anything, but it’s definitely up there.

Lee Fields is an artist that is being championed by the curator of theAquariumDrunkard and for good reason.

The open strains of the song may fool you into thinking that this is just another throwback artist, but the second Fields starts singing, you know that he’s 100% authentic.


Yaphet Kotto – “Have You Ever Seen The Blues” [aqrmdrnkrd]

Don’t know a lot about this guy, don’t have time to research. I can tell you that he walks that line that Morrison popularized between singing and reading poetry, but he does it better.


Matthew J Thompson – “What A Long Night” [herohill]

Another artist who defies expectations by building his songs to a point that you wouldn’t have foreseen. What starts as a pretty simple guitar melody quickly escalates into a full blown music orgy.

Mandolins. That is all.


Cam Penner – “Ghost Car (Beardo Mix)” [herohill]

Today’s theme seems to be singer/songwriters who do a fabulous job of building complex sounding arrangements out of simple components. I’m not sure how much of “Ghost Car” ‘s complexity can be attributed to Penner and how much to Beardo who did the mix of this song, but even if the original were devoid of the electronic elements that close out the song, Penner’s guitar and light percussion create a layered sound for the song.


Erin Passmore – “Downtown” [website]

Erin Passmore is one half of Regina’s Rah Rah and while they tend to skew a bit more toward the cute and the folky, she seems to have at least one rock bone in her body. Passmore recently took a trip to Montreal where she recorded this record, and it’s a formidable collection of songs. It’s hard to believe that this came from the same artist as “Duet For Emmylou and the Grievous Angel,” but I suppose surprises are everywhere.

It’s a great rock song which she’s currently giving away for free on her website. You can also order the album on her site.


Agnostic Phibes – “Wolfman Franz” [herohill]

The folks from Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir have paired up with bluesman Jackson Phibes to create this modern collection of tall tales, told to the rhythms of dirty guitar and gravel-heavy vocals.

Phibes did a great rundown of all the individual tracks’ backstories over at herohill. Go check out the post for an interesting story about ass harmonicas.


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