Buzz, Thurs, Feb 16th

16 Feb

Hey folks. We’re back again, this week we’ve got two very exciting interviews lined up.

In the first half of the show, local musician Sarah Farthing will be popping by to play us some tunes and talk about her music. She’ll be playing at the Refinery on Feb 17th with Sam Flynn.

Our second half guest is Kurtis Wiebe, a local artist whose comic Peter Panzerfaust is going to be released tonight. Wiebe will be at Unreal City doing a signing of issue #1 tonight from 7-9 pm. What’s the comic about? If I were to tell you that Peter Pan leads the Lost Boys in a resistance against the Nazi’s in WWII era France, would you swoon or perhaps even faint outright? Well I’ll just keep quiet then.

Playlist after the jump, (it’s got videos!):

The Playlist

Cuff the Duke – “I Hear You Calling” (Bill Fay cover) [herohill]

Cuff the Duke’s new album Morning Comes is just days from its US release date, and how do the fellows celebrate the culmination of a year or more of hard work touring, recording and polishing? They release an EP of Canadian cover songs.

The first release from that EP, Bill Fay’s “I Hear You Calling”, was debuted over at, which, since the untimely demise of i(Heart)music no longer has any contenders for my favourite Canadian music blog. Go check it out.

Mike O’Neill – “Henry” [herohill]

Mike O’Neill is east coast music royalty. He’s played with pretty much everyone to make it to Saskatchewan from the Maritimes. He’s also a fantastic songwriter who has released an excellent album.

The album, Wild Lines, may be a tad airy for some, but underneath the smooth instrumentals and poppy tones there is a rich seam of beautiful lyrics and carefully crafted music.

Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” [stereogum]

Brooklyn based songwriter Sharon Van Etten has never stuck on me before. Despite a brief flirtation with her 2010 album Epic, which graced a good number of top ten lists that year, I’ve just never been able to cling to her as an artist to follow.

That changed last week when I found her new CD Tramp in the CFCR library. This is a rich album. Etten’s vocals have found a solid foothold in my mind and the instrumentation is just beautiful.

Alex Chilton – “Jumping Jack Flash” [aqdrnk]

The Big Star front man, before founding his influential prog-country band and after wrapping up his work with The Box Tops, retreated to Memphis, TN. There he recorded a series of tracks that, until the early nineties didn’t exist anywhere outside of bootlegs.

This collection is now being released on vinyl and CD, the collection is entitled Free Again and is available over at Omnivore Records.

Father John Misty – “Hollywood Forever Sings” [aqdrnk]

The artist formerly known as Josh Tillman, he’s been a staple in the L.A. music scene for years, but now he’s straying from his usually sound and releasing an album under the moniker of Father John Misty.

If “Hollywood Forever Sings” is any indication, this will be an album full of wonderful tracks.

Zeus – “Anything You Want Dear” [herohill]


New album comes out soon!

Will Currie & the Country French – “Flowers” [i(heart)music]

Will Currie and his bands of misfits also have a new album coming out very soon. I think.

Really the main story on this song is the death of one of my favourite, and most dependable music blogs. I(Heart)music is shutter its windows and that is a tragedy. Luckily before he called it quits, he dropped this song on me, so I have something to remember him by.

Jenn Grant & Daniel Ledwell – “Baby’s Been Gone”

Two Halifax heavies teaming up to make a cute-ass song and a video that has a wonderfully cute-ass.


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