Buzz, Thurs Feb 9th, 2012

9 Feb

Hey folks. Today on the show I’ll be talking with fellow Buzz host Chad Reynolds, who is going to tell us about the launch party for, which will be held this Friday at Scratch.

We’ll also be speaking with Saskatoon’s own Shuyler Jansen, who is playing at the Bassment this Saturday. He’ll be playing a live set in studio and, just between you and me, we might have some tickets to give away.

The Playlist

Timber Timbre – “Do I Have Power”

Canada’s masters of spooky folk music. Timbre Timbre have always been a solid act, but with the recent surge of attention being paid to them they’ve gained a bit of notoriety that they lacked on previous albums.

They’ve also paired with some wonderful creative talent to bring us the video for “Do I Have Power” which you can see below.

Feist – “The Bad In Each Other”

When Metals came out, I was underwhelmed to say the least. A good album, well written and well performed but a bit more CBC Radio 1 than her previous.

Of course it’s a beautiful album, and “The Bad In Each Other” is exactly the mix of lovely vocals and heartfelt lyrics that you would expect from Feist.

John K. Samson – “Stop Error” [bandstore]

Provincial is shaping up to be one hell of an album. Having heard only the first two songs to hit the web, I’m already prepared to declare it a rousing success. What I’m most excited about, for when I finally get my hands on the full album, is to see if he carries through on the themes in “Stop Error” and “When I Write My Masters Thesis”; namely, academia, video games and unrequited love.

These two songs share a common story line, a man who is pre-occupied by video games seeks to explain his relationships through metaphors based on his field of study. Samson can write a love song about anything, and it’s going to be very interesting to see what other fields he can pack into the album. This one is about computer programming, and it’s delightful.

Silver Jews – “Smith and Jones Forever” [tsuru]

The Silver Jews. That’s really all I have to say.

We Fled Cairo – “Stealing Stolen Bikes” [i(heart)music]

They are a group of young men who play angry music on their guitars. It’s universally accessible.

Allo Darlin’ – “Kiss Your Lips” [tsuru]

Cute, brit-pop sounding duo. Nice little song about kissing at the fairgrounds.

Things I didn’t remember existed that this song reminded me of: Nice songs, fairgrounds, candy floss.

Hard Drugs – “Aline and Lloyd” [tsuru]

Another cute love song. Maybe it’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day and that’s why my iTunes has picked up so many love songs lately? Maybe I’m just a romantic with a heart of gold and a pair of blue eyes so deep you could fall into them? I guess we’ll never know.

Octoberman – “Dressed Up” [herohill]

Octoberman is back again with a new album and a new sound. Gone are the days of frontman Mark Morrissette’s sparsely accompanied solo recordings. His previous record featured far less in the way of background and accompaniment, but on this album you can expect some unfamiliar instruments, a lot more in the department of harmonies and much more in terms of production.

A change for the better? We’ll see.

The Shins – “Simple Song” [tsuru]

THE SHINS ARE BACK! Five years after the release of Wincing the Night Away, the ABQ, New Mexico group will release their long awaited follow-up titled Port of Morrow.

The first single, “Simple Song,” delivers much what you would expect from a Shins song. It will be familiar and warm, allowing you to slip right back into that Shins niche that you’ve escaped over the last 5 years.

M.I.A – “Bad Girls”

I already covered this song in depth on a previous blog post, so go there to see the video and read my commentary.

The Pipettes – “I Love You” [tsuru]

Brit-pop trio The Pipettes are three attractive women that make music. This might sound like a chauvinistic or at the very least simplistic synopsis of the group, but honestly it’s a feeling they’ve cultivated over years of recording and performing. They dress up on stage like a bunch of 50’s pin-ups. They sing in the manner of the Marvelettes. They are a group that is almost entirely defined by their image. And it’s not a bad thing. They make fun music. And, presumably, they write it themselves.


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