Thursday Buzz, Feb 2, 2012

2 Feb

Back on the block.

The Playlist

B.A. Johnston – “Truffle Shuffle” [herohill]

Seeing as how Saskatoon is the one place in Canada that B.A. can play to a sold out show, I figure we might as well get excited when he releases a new single. Oh, and Laura Marling does a guest vocal. ‘Nuff said.

Mouse – “A Public Execution” [aquariumdrunkard]

Found this song while reading a great post over at that discussed all of the great ripoffs of Bob dylan’s sound. Read the full post here.

Sandie Black – “Gotta Get Free” [herohill]

Canadian electro-rock group. Dont’ know what else to say about these guys, other than they are a fun, and upbeat group. Maybe a tad unfocused, but I can’t say that because I got distracted three times while writing this sentence. Once by a dust mote.

Young Liars – “Colours (Teen Daze remix)” [herohill] 

Young Liars is one of those groups that I have never actually gotten familiar with, despite having a large amount of their catalogue in my library. They make good music, and it’s always enjoyable to listen to, but there’s just nothing challenging about their songs; nothing that really grabs you and forces you to pay attention.
Anyway, this Teen Daze remix features a lot of interesting moments and is an enjoyable listen.

The Weather Station – “Trying” [i(heart)music]

Lady vocalist sings well, is a good songwriter. That might sound flippant, but I have nothing else to say. The song is just beautiful.

Henry Svec – “Winter Is Cold and Good”  [herohill]

This one benefited from my once a show weather report, as it’s a perfect segway! But it is a very good song, and the live recording gives it a very rich tone.

Ox – “Out On The Weekend” [i(heart)music]

Ox is a group that plays excellent music, promotes themselve swell and continually fails to draw a crowd in Saskatoon. Last time they were here, I believe it was in November, they played with Forest City Lovers at The Fez (another group with an attendance problem) and boy was it lonely.
Go check out their catalogue and for god’s sake, next time they’re in town, shell out the 8 bucks to see them play it live.

Said the Whale – “Heavy Ceiling” [herohill]

Once my favourite band, now, not so much. The frustrating thing about this new album is its reception on the blogs as the group’s first original sounding record. Their first full-lenght Taking Abalonia/Howe Sounds was a beautiful record, full of a wide rage of sounds and wonderful songwriting. Islands Disappear, less so. This new one honestly just sounds like another Vancouver pop band that has found a market for this sound. And good for them I guess.
I just wish they were releasing something that had the same sincerity as “Curse of the Currents.”

Boxer the Horse – “Rattle Your Cage” [herohill]

PEI outfit Boxer The Horse, aside from having one of my favourite band names, is a great group. They’ve strayed in recent year from the more east coast inspired sound that they started with, getting a bit heavier and a lot less ceili-ish.

Yukon Blonde – “Stairway” [herohill]

Just the other day I was talking with Ishmael — the intrepid host of Wednesday’s Buzz — about how Yukon Blonde had been releasing the same single for over a year now. Shortly after that, I declared that I was done with these monsters, these carrot danglers. And the week after they finally release a new single from the album that has been “coming out” for over a year and a half.
And I, being the spineless dope that I am, jumped all over it and lovingly took every inch of it to the radio. What a bitch.

Behind Sapphire – “Vancouver, Baby” [i(heart)music]

Apparaently these guys used to be a breezy, island-y jam-band-y sort of group. I’m glad they changed.

A Place To Bury Strangers – “So Far Away” [aquarium drunkard] 

I hate groove rock more than anything else. I regularly listen to klezmer punk, and though I recognize its faults, I dislike it so much less than most groove rock. This group, however, has my number. They keep the solos down to a managable time. They do amazing things with an effects pedal and a vocal filter. They are excellent.


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