Playlist for Thursday, January 26

26 Jan

I’m back after an unplanned two week absence from the airwaves. Not to bore you with the details, but I was at a thing where people got a violent infectious disease and now I’m back!

The playlist!

Destroyer – “Suicide Demo for Kara Walker”
Darwin Deez – “Deep Sea Divers” [grooveshark]
Rococode – “Weapon” [i(heart)music]
Heems – “Womyn” [grooveshark]
Kathleen Edwards – “Change the Sheets” [herohill]
Louise Burns – “Chinook” [i(heart)music]
The Cold Warps – “Let’s Just Fun” [herohill]
John K. Samson – “When I Write My Master’s Thesis” [i(heart)music]
The Elwins – “You’re invited”  [i(heart)music]

Also I will be hosting When insects rule the Earth tonight, because Dana is a big jerk and doesn’t care about you guys enough to not go to Toronto.


These songs didn’t get in due to time constraints, but are worth a listen nonetheless:
The Holiday Crowd – “Never Speak of It Again” [i(heart)music]
C. Sterling – “Tiger Proud” [herohill]


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