New Arcade Fire Videos

8 Jan

Since the release of their Grammy winning album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire has led the pack on interactive internet hogwash. First came their video for The Wilderness Downtown, created by Chris Milk, which used the power of google maps to create a personalized video that was set on the street you grew up on. It was an interesting experiment, and it did legitimately bring a smile to my face.

For their new single, Sprawl II, they’ve released two videos. One, a straight-forward, but charming video (see below). The other is precisely the kind of imaginative hogwash that they began this album’s tour de force with. In this video the movements of the viewer influence the video itself (webcam required). I haven’t been able to explore it too deeply, since I am writing this in a Starbucks, and wild arm movements would have me kicked to the street. Check it out for yourself.


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