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The best of 2011

30 Dec

Pinning down the best album of any year is difficult for several reasons. Firstly, I don’t know what year it is, nor how old I am, nor how old any piece of music I listen to is. Second, when finding music for radio play doesn’t dictate my  listening habits, I tend to listen to old Smiley Lewis tracks on a loop rather than spending any length of time with the newest album from such and such a band out of New York. Thirdly, I have a hard time ranking things.

Despite my many faults, however, I’ve decided to treat you all to a breakdown of my favourite albums of 2011. By no means a complete list, nor an in depth one, but one that reflects my listening experience over the last calendar year.

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The Cannon Bros.

28 Dec

The impotent rage of youth has been used to great effect in the music industry. The grand tradition has followed through from The Ramones to more recent incarnations like teen sensations The Front Bottoms and The Moldy Peaches.

The “everything’s stupid and so is this” school of song writing is an old darling of mine and the new EP from Winnipeg’s Cannon Bros. continues the tradition.

While their sound cannot be encapsulated by those aforementioned groups, the attitude and content of their songs is very similar. They all share a certain immaturity, which isn’t to imply that their music is half-formed or incomplete. Their songs hearken back to days that no one enjoyed, but everyone can remember with a least a hint of nostalgia and whimsy. Days of math tests and unrequited crushes. Days of smoking a cigarette to look cool and then announcing that The National is mainly for girls and pussies. High school days.

Songs like Out of Here  fairly reek of Tegan and Sara, the vocals being that exact kind of screeching wail (again, not trying to say that’s a bad thing), but Cannon Bros. also show a distinct sound of their own. The guitars and vocals on 100 are perfectly balanced between dirt and cleanliness.

And look, just look I say, at how cute they are:

The free EP is a pre-cursor to the band’s debut full-length which wil be released on November 19th in Winnipeg and — seeing as how they’re an independent Canadian outfit — probably much later everywhere else.

The EP can be downloaded for free on the group’s bandcamp page at